Cycling for the TKC member countries unifier

By Ketshepile More

LOBATSE – Minister of Transport and Public Works, Eric Molale says the Cycling for the TKC tour ride is a unifier of three member states of the Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC). Cycling for the Corridor is an i n it iat ive involving 30 cyclists from the TKC countries namely, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia, to make the 20th anniversary celebration. Molale said the cyclists were a unifying force in this noble gesture adding that they were rewriting the history of the three countries. The minister said this on Wednesday during the signing ceremony of the pledge by the three members since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the development and management of the TKC.

He said before the corridor was constructed, movement from the east of Botswana to the west of the country, which has a stretch of over 700km, was traversed for many days, now it was traversed in a number of hours in a day. He therefore said cyclists were making a mark as they were riding this corridor to raise awareness of the impact of this corridor on the lives of people. He said the corridor was constructed by the three countries to make the movement of goods and people easier amongst the three countries.

“However, during the liberation struggle, the then Apartheid South Africa tried to lure Botswana into constructing the corridor to ease movement between the east and west of the country, but it would have been a betrayal of the liberation struggle as Botswana gave support to the liberation movements in the region and was a safe transit for many of the liberation fighters,” the Minister said.

He implored local authorities to give the cyclists the necessary support as they pedal through the Botswana corridor crossing into Namibia in the next few days. He also enco uraged communities to embrace and give them a warm welcome as they continue to engage with various communities along their way on the corridor. For his par t, Kgosikgolo Mosiamiemang Moiloa of Bahurutshe in the North West Province, South Africa, also said cyclists were a unifying tool for the three countries.

He said as they continued to ride the corridor in a unit, they should remember that it was what the three countries needed. The 30 cyclists will travers e the TKC through various communities in Botswana in places such as Jwaneng, Sekoma, Tsootsha and Charleshill before crossing into Namibia next week.


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